๐Ÿ“– Our story


Hi there, Iโ€™m Ed. Welcome on our website.EdLI

At the end of 2014, I moved to London with a good friend from university (George) to take a fresh start after years spent working for startups. George being gluten intolerant, we both struggled finding places where we would find gluten-free beers after work.

So we started to look forย pubs and bars that offer gluten-free beers and we found the process highly inefficient if not incredibly painful.
A few weeks later, London Gluten Free was ready for download on the App Store. This app was listing pubs in London where we had found gluten-free beers. After getting a bit of traction in London and very encouraging feedback from early adopters, the conclusion was clear.

โ€œWhy limit ourselves to London? What limit ourselves to beers?โ€

In August 2015, London Gluten Free became Gluten-Free World, an app that references pubs, restaurants, bakeries, coffee shops and supermarkets where people can eat gluten-free, drink gluten-free or simply shop gluten-free. The app can be used worldwide and has users sharing gluten-free spots in more than 40 countries. The app is based on a crowd-sourcing model where any user can suggest a gluten-free spot.
The vision is to connect coeliacs & people with gluten-intolerance on a simple app, dedicated to them, that will make their lives easier both at home and while on the move.