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Our first mission is to help people find gluten-free places where they can go enjoy a good beer, share a meal with a few friends or simply grab a bite or a quick snack without wasting hours. And all that… gluten-free.

This app allows you to:
– Find gluten-free places all around the world via our gluten-free map
– Suggest new places using our brand new Google Maps feature
– Get gluten-free news, recipes and tips via our news section

The community is now active in more than 300 cities and keeps sharing more gluten-free places everyday. So join in & enjoy a brand new #glutenfree experience.

We are based on a collaborative model. Anyone can add their favorite gluten-free places on the map so the whole community can benefit from it.

We are constantly looking to improve the experience for our lovely bunch of users.

Up next we have: Heavy lifting on the database & Performance improvement to save your data plan

You can download the app here.